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Standardized Testing

Salisbury Academy currently administers the CTP-5 assessment in an online format each spring to all students in grades 3-8. These assessments are most widely used by independent schools and provide the most appropriate gauge for the effectiveness of our curricular and student expectations. The results give an indication of a student’s performance individually and by grade level, both locally and nationally. Please do not schedule medical appointments or vacation for your child during ERB week. Dates are noted in the school calendar.

These tests (like other tests) are only one measure of a child’s ability, achievement and/or progress and must be viewed as a part of the whole. Your child’s teacher or division director will be glad to review these tests with you. Other tests are administered by school personnel throughout the school year in an attempt to learn more about a child’s learning style and as an aid to the teaching/learning process. All test results may be reviewed with parents.

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