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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Personalized Learning

EACH STUDENT IS UNIQUE in how they learn and process information. The ideal amount of teacher-led instruction, collaborative conversation, and individual processing time varies by student and subject matter. Knowing this, learning at the SA Upper School is guided by student needs and individual goals, not bells.


Our outstanding educators know you as a unique learner and provide instruction that maximizes your academic growth.

Your progress is reported in terms of mastery to clarify both strengths and areas for support. 

Two math tracks provide multiple entry points for college-level math preparation. 

Catawba dual-enrollment develops your comfort and confidence in the collegiate environment.

Salisbury Academy staff provide additional support to nurture dual-enrolled students.

Weekly writing and math centers allow you to utilize college-like academic resources.

A weekly advisory supports habits for success with time for guided personal goal setting.

Embedded next-step counseling provides guidance towards your post-graduation plans.

Daily lab time maximizes the use of school time and minimizes your take-home work.

Lab time provides access to multiple teachers for one-on-one and small group enhancement and remediation.

Our campus boasts modern, flexible workspaces.

Furniture is adaptable and ergonomic for your comfort and heath.