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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Connected Community


LEARNING IS NO LONGER LINEAR. It’s about making connections, not just memorizing facts. Our Downtown location positions students to connect daily with the real world, and cross-curricular challenge allows students to make connections across subjects. We also seek to maintain strong connections and communication between the student and their learning team of teachers and family.



The SA Upper School's downtown Salisbury location at 316 Depot Street allows the community to be your classroom.

Applying course content to real-world contexts with projects based on real challenges organizations in the community face.

Elective classes are immersive experiences. You won’t be a tourist; you’ll be an apprentice to an expert or a partner to a professional.


Regular communication allows your learning team of teachers, advisors, and family to best support you. 

Student-led conferences at the conclusion of each reporting period build strategic collaboration among your support team.

Whole-school communication takes place through our weekly newsletter.

Weekly student mastery reports allow all members of your learning team to easily monitor and support your progress.

Your Compass course provides time and space to make connections between your core content learning, real-world experience, and personal development.

Based on your insights from Compass, your schedule will become more connected each year to your individual interests and future aspirations.  

Each year’s annual theme will encourage you to transfer their knowledge from the academic setting to a creative application.  

Annual themes are: 
9th Grade: Self-Discovery
10th Grade: Community Collaboration
11th Grade: Innovation & Enterprise
12th Grade: Global and Personal Perspectives.

“With the education community’s tight focus on college and career readiness, we sometimes lose sight of the larger purpose of school to prepare students for the future life they will one day lead.”

 -NASSP Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti, “Rethinking Education. The Life Skills Solution” (read the full article here)

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