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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Opening Doors Donors

Thank you to our Opening Doors Donors to Date

(Listed donors are gifts made through Nov. 29, 2023)

*denotes SA alum

Thank you to The Mona Lisa and Lee Wallace Foundation for their seed matching gift of $1.25 million

Tina and Reid Acree
Missie and Greg Alcorn
Eleanor Alcorn*
Margaret and Tony Almeida
Teresa and Sean Anderson
Lindsey and Steve Antosek
Maria Vandergriff-Avery and Chris Avery
Tracey and Adam Baird
Dawn and Dennis Armstrong
Annie Ward Baldwin*
Carrie and Paul Bardinas
Gwin and Matt Barr
Casey Baucom
Brooke Baucom
Elizabeth and Don Bergsma
Anne Bishop
Carley Drye Bloomfield*
Renee and Chris Bradshaw
Candace and Ben Brown
Zubecca and Larry Brown
Kaneisha Brown 
Allison Lee Burns*
ChaMarra Saner-Childers and Christopher Childers
Anne Scott and Donny Clement
Christy and Wink Cline
Larry Cloninger
Sara Clymer and Mark Amalfitano
Debbie and Rip Collins
Kristen and Steve Colwell
Sandy and Steve Combs
B.J. and Michael Connor
Lily Cook
Heather and Jimmy Coulter
Tina and Howard Cowan
Lee and John Cowan
Jane and Clark Current
Faye and Tony Currin
Ashley and Madison Currin
Gail Darbutt
Lisa Davenport
James Davis
Kim and Kyle Davis
Michelle and James Day
Madison Day*
Melanie and Alan Deal
Allison and Mark Doby
Ila and Wiley Doby
Alice and Christopher Dorrance
Lesleigh and John Drye
Alexandra Drye*
Adam Drye*
Taylor Sexton Durham*
Adrian Easley and Alex Greene
Lindsay and Rob Easter
Shannon and Jonathan Ellsworth
Campbell Ellsworth
Karen and David Ervin
F&M Bank
Amanda and Jonathan Faggart
Diane and Luke Fisher
Jennifer and Ames Flynn
Anna Flynn Gelbaugh*
Wendy and John Fowler
Marilyn and Les Fowler
Will Fowler*
Beverly and Chris Fowler
Delaine and Alan Fowler
Freirich Foods
Digna Freirich
Tanya Freirich and Erick Pena
Kari and Lee Frick
Salisbury-Rowan Community Foundation
Brenda and Franco Goodman
Jessica and Nick Goodman
Amy and Will Goodnight
Teresa Rowell and Eric Hake
Stacye and Daniel Harborth
Lilia Repnikova and Michael Harrill
Ann and Parker Hatchett
Margaret and Artie Hattaway
Melissa Heilig
Kelly and James Hill
Sandra and Alan Honbarger
Lee Anna and Guy Hoskins
Madeline Hoskins*
Cecelia and Michael Hughes
Gordon Hurley
Debra and Brad Ives
Devon and Andy Jarvis
James Javurek
Morgan Jeter*
Mitch Jeter*
Tricia and Lee Johnson
Rachel and James Jordan
Sandy and Stan Jordan
Starling and Aaron Kaklamanos
Diana and Jason Keith
Courtney and Jeff Keller
Margaret and George Kluttz
Sarah and Keith Knight
Kerry and Jack Kribbs
Jeanette and Doug Lassiter
Abby Lee*
Alex Lee*
Melody and Brian Lee
Kristen Leonard
Jeannie and Mark Lins
Leigh Ann and Tom Loeblein
Katie Martin
Janet and David McCoy
Shannon and Christopher McCoy
Carol and Chris McNeely
Deborah and Dyke Messinger
Regina Messino
Sarah Shirley Michalec*
Vincia Benjamin Miller
Susan and Josh Mills
Fran and Gavin Misner
Briana Parker and Wesley Moore
Hayley Morgan
Penny and Chris Moss
Novant Health
Amy Wilson and Ben Ott 
Meredith and Bryan Overcash
Merry Overholser
Jean Owen
Cara Reische and Jon Palmer
Maegan and Bobby Parnell
Harrison Parrott*
Tracey and David Peoples
Kim and Mark Petty
Sabrina and Erik Portillo
Hannah Coulter Privette*
Andrea and Jeff Ralston
Alice and Ryan Rich
Adrienne and Robert Rich
Annette and Hap Roberts
Dana and Rob Robertson
Virginia and Mark Robertson
Jody and Clint Robins
Hank Robins*
Wade Robins*
Meredith and Jared Rowland
Angela and Sam Roy
Lizzy and TJ Roy
Paula Yost and Peter Schupp
Alexandra and Michael Shadroui
Beth and Frank Shafer
Kristin and Greg Shields
Tracy and Kenan Smith
Laura and Gregory Smith
Brooke Smith
Amber and Jonathan Smith
Barb and Cliff Sorel
Kelli and Ryan Starrett
Caroline and Mark Stephenson
Brenda Stone
Nichole and Erron Towns
Molly Robinson Tripp*
Cheryl van der Poel
Amy Vestal
The Mona Lisa and Lee Wallace Foundation
Dana and Brad Walser
Brittany and Johnny Wear
Lynn and Paul Weisler
Lauren and Charles Whaley
Debbie Wilkinson
Traci and Brad Williams
Meredith and Jonathan Williams
Mary Lou and Fred Williams
Courtney Williams*
David Wilson
Shen and Tommy Wilson
Shannon and Phillip Wilson
Erin Wood
Mary and Bryan Wymbs
Lori and Steve Yang
Virginia and Kyle Yoder
Katie and Gil Zino


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