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Fulfilling Experience

THE FULFILLMENT YOU EXPERIENCE IN SCHOOL is based on an overall sense of physical, social, and emotional well-being. Our culture, school day schedule, and extra-curricular offerings are designed to inspire lifelong fulfilling habits. Students will find a multitude of opportunities to explore their passions and enjoy social engagement through our balanced design.







Common lunch hour is an opportunity for the whole school community to enjoy fellowship. 

You earn the privilege to eat off campus with peers at the variety of restaurants within walking distance of the school.

Two periods of club time are embedded in the weekly schedule for service and interest-based civic engagement.

Weekly chapel is a time for community building, reflection, and encouragement. 

Personalized electives allow coursework to directly align with your personal interests. 







School-wide social events such prom, homecoming, and service days build positive bonds of shared experience among the student body. 

Summer Compass activities like internships, volunteering, and travel allow you to have unique experiences aligned with your interests.

Opportunities to participate in Catawba’s extracurricular activities open a multitude of music, theater, art, and career exploration opportunities. 






Athletic offerings allow you to find a best fit for your skills and interests.  

Traditional individual sports and team sports compete with Foothills Athletics Conference teams and additional neighboring independent schools.

Dual-enrolled students can participate in the College’s intramural sports and utilize the Catawba athletic and student union facilities for their fitness needs. 

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