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Seventh Grade

Language Arts

Effective communication is the primary focus of this course. The basic writing conventions are reviewed, reinforced, and enhanced. Various expository, persuasive, creative, and research-based writing pieces are produced through the systematic use of the writing process. Literature is the basis for the course and the avenue through which higher-level metacognitive skills are nurtured; the exploration of figurative elements and focused discussions enhance this process. Participation in small- and large-group discussions and presentations foster the development of speaking and listening skills. Examples of novels and plays for seventh grade include: The Call of the Wild, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Twelfth Night, and Cyrano de Bergerac. Students will solidify a workable understanding of the parts of a sentence and be able to apply this knowledge to all writing products. They will also work to develop and appropriately incorporate complex sentences. Vocabulary study is based upon Greek and Latin stems and is strengthened through cross-curricular connections and use of The Word Within the Word series.


Pre-Algebra emphasizes frequent, varied practice and encourages multiple approaches to solving a variety of problems as our students prepare to enter Algebra I. Students develop their mental arithmetic, approximation abilities and deductive reasoning skills. This course, as well as our use of the IXL online math assessments, exposes students to such topics as integers, fractions, decimals, expressions, equations, consumer math, measurement, geometry, and statistics. Opportunities for acceleration and online course work are available to students working at an advanced pace.

Social Studies

This course explores central themes in growth and change in American Democracy and interactions with world forces. The study of geography aims at understanding the spatial relationship between nature and human culture and processes that change environments. Units include the following topics: America Becomes a World Power, WWI, The Russian Revolution, America from the Twenties to the New Deal, WWII, and the Geography of the United States and Europe.


The science sequence aims for more intensive and selective study topics from each of the realms of Physical, Life, and Earth Science: Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonds and Reactions, Cell Division and Genetics, History of the Earth and Life Forms, Evolution, and Science Biographies. Hands-on lab experiences, field trips, and computer programs enrich our students’ learning.


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