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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Above: SA faculty and staff express how proud they are of SA students and families for the enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication they've shown in SA Connected Remote Learning. 

Hear Salisbury Academy parent and student reflections on their SA experiences by visiting the SA Gratitude Wall!


SA Connected: Remote Learning at Salisbury Academy


Distance learning at Salisbury Academy delivers our student-centered approach through a collaborative, connective platform designed for learning continuity and the meeting of curriculum goals. A typical school day includes both synchronous learning through virtual class and small-group collaboration as well as asynchronous learning through teacher-guided, independent study using a dynamic mix of resources. Salisbury Academy's mission of inspiring a love of learning is lived daily through active student engagement, the discovery of new skills and applied knowledge, and a supportive environment for students, teachers, and parents.  

Teachers connect with their students daily and provide schedules for their synchronous and asynchronous learning (see schedules at right). 

Salisbury Academy faculty and staff meet weekly and dedicate Friday afternoons to professional development. 

The SA Connected remote learning environment is one of patience, flexibility, and understanding. Each classroom teacher will share details on expectations, grading, and assessments.

Curiosity. Character. Community.


Community is what connects, supports, and energizes our students and families as they learn and grow. Whether through weekly chapels, regular buddy meetings between classes, service outreach efforts, birthday parades for students with birthdays during remote learning, pen pal activities, or other special opportunities for mentoring and friendship, the sense of community is strong and energizing at SA! Pictured here, fourth grade students tell jokes to their kindergarten buddies on a Zoom lunch meeting. 



SA Families, share your remote learning journeys and discoveries by emailing us or using hashtag #SAconnected.

We're excited to celebrate our Jaguars as they grow, connect, and discover! Pictured here, kindergarten students take their paper teachers on adventures and write paragraphs about their experiences. 

Prospective Families 


The SA Office of Admission is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and is actively touring and sharing information virtually! Please contact Allison Doby, director of admission, or sign up to receive more information. View a virtual tour of Salisbury Academy below!

Helpful Tech Tips


With technology support questions, please contact your child's classroom teachers. 

Google Classroom Login Info

Logging into Zoom

Expectations for Responsible Use and Remote Learning

Health and Counseling


Our school counselors are available Monday through Friday and can be reached by emailing:

Mrs. Allison Doby

Mrs. Melanie Deal



Junior Kindergarten


Lower School

Middle School

Remote Learning Tip: Setting up a Student Workspace


The transition to remote learning means that many of us are setting up work areas in our homes. While being creative is likely part of the process, try to remember these tips for optimal productivity.

Choose a space that presents a limited number of distractions and remove elements that could impeded the work process (young siblings, cell phones, television, etc).

Be sure that a flat surface such as a table or desk is part of the space. Working in bed or on the couch will not work long-term.

Students should be under the supervision of a parent or adult when working online.

Keep the space well-supplied with necessary materials- pens, pencils, highlighter, etc.

Encourage students to continue to utilize their agendas. Google Classroom is a good tool for organizing the tasks in each class, but the students’ agendas will enable them to look at the big picture of what they need to do and help them manage their time.

Family-Friendly Podcasts


Looking for something to listen to as a family? Try one of these family-friendly podcasts:

Wow in the World- NPR podcast asks thought-provoking questions about a variety of science topics

The Past and the Curious- history podcast about topics that kids find interesting

But Why- NPR podcast that answers listeners’ questions on topics ranging from politics to science to entertainment

Additional Resources for Families



Staying Active: Coach Wilson's Game of the Week


Disc soccer/golf

Bottle flip family challenge

Fitness Uno

Four Square



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