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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Salisbury Academy Mission

Salisbury Academy inspires a love of learning and prepares passionate leaders through discovery, stewardship, community, and faith.

Statement of Philosophy

Salisbury Academy strives to prepare students to become well-rounded contributors in their 21st century communities.


Our school prepares average to very bright, ultimately college-bound students, socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually to become life-long learners. Our use of the Core Knowledge sequence provides a foundation for cultural literacy and a broad, global, and enriching learning process. We provide challenging experiential activities that promote understanding by doing to enhance our students’ love of learning and to help them to recognize their special gifts and talents. Our graduates are academically curious, ready for accelerated learning, motivated to succeed, and eager to become positive contributors to the world around them.


Our school seeks a diverse student body without regard to religious belief, although the history of our school is rooted in Christianity. The spiritual development program is based on the premise that all children have a spiritual part of their being that should be nurtured. Guest speakers at weekly chapel assemblies focus on core virtues and seek to respect the faith perspectives of all who are present in the student body. These assemblies and morning meetings in the classroom often include a prayer or reading from the Bible or other inspirational resources. Students often lead faith-related activities to support their personal growth, encourage open dialogue, and focus on thought-provoking topics. We believe our respectful environment nurtures positive attitudes toward the spiritual development of each student.

Leadership and Structure

Salisbury Academy is an independent school, governed by its own Board of Trustees. The school is financed mainly by tuition and charitable contributions and receives no government funding. Salisbury Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools and is a member of the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools. Our commitment to achieving excellence and inspiring innovation attracts high-quality teachers and promotes a supportive learning environment.


August Reopening