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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Board Of Trustees

The Salisbury Academy Board of Trustees consists of up to eighteen elected members representing parents of students, parents of alumni and members of the community at large, as well as our head of school. The board guides the school in growth in accordance with the mission and plans strategically for the future.

Executive Members

Dr. Ben Ott, '21, Chair

Mrs. Traci Williams, '22, Vice-Chair

Mrs. Andrea Davis, '21, Secretary

Mr. Cliff Sorel, '21, Treasurer



Mr. Reid Acree, Jr., '20

Mrs. Diane Fisher, '20

Mr. George Kluttz, '20

Mr. Jon Palmer, '20

Mr. Clint Robins, '20

Dr. John Wear, '20

Mr. Paul Bardinas, '21

Dr. Ryan Rich, '21

Mr. Bryan Wymbs, '21

Mr. Madison Currin, '22

Mr. Mark Petty, '22

Mr. Mark Robertson, '22

Mr. Greg Shields, '22

Dr. Maria Vandergriff-Avery, '22

Mrs. LaSheka Walker, '22

Ex Officio Member of the Board
Mrs. Beverly Fowler, Head of School


Admission Events