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3-Year-Old Program Expansion

Expansion of SA Early Education: Adding a 3-Year-Old Program


There is a strong local need for a full-time learning program for this young age group. Parents of 3-year-olds are regularly waitlisted for area preschools. The addition of a full-time, 3-year-old program will provide a pipeline of students to hold our current retention rate of 95% and increase overall net tuition revenue.

Good Things Happen in Threes. And we want to be a part of those happenings.

In our early education group, your child will be nourished by imaginative play that engages the senses, healthful routines to encourage sound habits, and loving relationships that teach goodness and kindness.

Supported by gentle and joyful teachers who set the tone for each day, 3-year-olds at Salisbury Academy will enjoy being little. Their innate curiosity makes them hungry to learn, and concrete experiences are key. By using their senses, they will learn at their own pace, presented with beautiful opportunities throughout every day. Exploration of the natural world, pattern play, rhythm and music, physical movement, and language development through relational conversations all await them in our program.

We believe having threes participate in the routines that make up their day is part of growing and learning about themselves and others. Whether using a fork properly or putting away playthings, your child will be nurtured through routines that provide security and stability while they are away from home. 

Play is the work of young children. Research increasingly points to play as the foundation for academic learning. Imaginative and free play lead to healthy development in our youngest learners, not to mention the sheer enjoyment of the play itself. 

Once our program is underway, we will invite you to join us for a visit. Your own senses will be engaged as you experience the nurturing, relational, play-based haven where good things happen in threes.