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Reopening School: Salisbury Academy's Plan for 2020-21


This is an evolving plan meant to provide transparency as we plan for 2020-2021. This plan is subject to change as the current situation is very fluid and changes rapidly.

Start dates: The first week of school will be staggered to allow students and families to learn and adapt to adjustments to routines and safety protocol on campus:

Tues., August 11: Half day for Middle School 

Wed., August 12: Half day for JK, K, and Lower School

Thurs., August 13 & Fri., August 14: Half days for all students


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Scenario Planning for 20-21

Throughout the pandemic, Salisbury Academy has followed the guidance of state and public health authorities. Despite the unknowns for fall 2020, it is necessary to begin planning for a variety of scenarios.

We desire to get students back on campus as quickly as it is safe to do so.

Key Understandings
  • There will be heightened attention to matters of health and wellness which will impact students, their families, and the format in which learning will occur.

  • Formal and informal forms of social distancing will continue.

  • COVID-19 waves will impact our community for the foreseeable future.

  • Planning priorities are safety, wellness, flexibility, and excellence.

How Salisbury Academy is actively planning to begin school in the fall:




SA Reopening Leadership Team meets weekly to focus on health/safety and academics/activities planning. This group has specific charges and a list of key questions that they use for weekly reporting and task list focus.

Salisbury Academy also has a medical advisory group to provide input and oversight into health and safety procedures. While specific decisions and plans will be finalized over the next several weeks as more information and updated public health guidelines are issued, on-campus strategies are being developed in the following areas including but not limited to:

All of this planning is supported by our SA board with regular check-ins.



Salisbury Academy is prepared for two scenarios/operating modes and planning to reopen in the On-Campus/Hybrid scenario:  





*This is currently the anticipated reopening scenario for August 2020


Social Distancing in this Scenario:

  • Begin school in the fall with 6-foot social distancing in place. 

  • No large indoor gatherings on campus, such as lunch, presentations, and assemblies. 

  • Limit on large community events, even if they are held outdoors, because social distancing would be too difficult to enforce.

  • Campus visitors will be limited.

  • School day routines such as arrival, departure, and movement around campus will be adjusted to meet social distancing requirements. 

Health and Safety in this Scenario:

  • Additional daytime cleaning staff will be added for increased sanitation.

  • The school nursing station will be enhanced and adjusted to accommodate heightened health and safety protocol.

  • Health screenings will be incorporated into the daily routine before students enter the school.

  • Signage around campus will help to direct flow and spacing of students and staff.

  • Face coverings will likely be a requirement for students and staff. 

  • Students and staff may be referred for COVID-19 testing as needed/recommended.

Classroom Learning in this Scenario:

  • Classrooms large enough to accommodate a full class with proper spacing will be used for full classes.

  • In spaces that are not large enough to accommodate full classes, classes will be broken into two groups.

  • Rather than students traveling to enhancement teachers, enhancement teachers will come to the student classrooms.

  • When possible, instruction will take place outdoors.

  • We realize there may be students who require distance learning after we have returned to campus. For those cases, we are working on technology and logistics for students to join classes remotely through livestreaming or video sessions with a more individual learning plan to remain on pace with instruction.

    • By Division

      • JK/K students will remain in their classroom with their teacher and assistant teacher. Special subjects teachers (music, art, Spanish, physical education, etc.) will travel between classes. Lunch and break times will be modified to reduce cross-group contact.

      • Lower School (Grades 1-4) students will remain in their classroom with their teacher. Special subjects teachers (music, art, Spanish, physical education, etc.) will travel between classes. Lunch and break times will be modified to reduce cross-group contact. 

      • Middle School (Grades 5-8) will run a schedule that reduces the frequency of class changes with teachers coming into student spaces for instruction. Lunch and break times will be modified to reduce congregation and group size.




In the Remote Learning Scenario:

  • If mandated by the governor of North Carolina and state and local health officials that all schools shift to remote learning, Salisbury Academy will enter a period of distance learning.

  • Support will be provided from the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools to advocate for independent school choice with on-campus instruction for our Early Ed and Lower School divisions.

  • Teachers are actively preparing and participating in summer professional development to be ready for distance learning in this scenario.

  • Learn more about #SAConnected Remote Learning




Answering Your Questions: The leadership team at SA is ready to help and will answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us for help in addressing your questions.

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