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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Faculty/Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Tracey Baird Baird, Tracey
Elizabeth Bergsma Bergsma, Elizabeth Ask Director
Melissa Brown Brown, Melissa Reading Specialist 704-636-3002
Heather Coulter Coulter, Heather 7th & 8th Lang. Arts, Core Knowledge Curriculum Coordinator 704-636-3002
Jane Current Current, Jane 5th Grade Math & Science
Beverly Fowler Fowler, Beverly Head of School 704-636-3002
Lynn Frick Frick, Lynn 1st Grade Assistant
Jessica Goodman Goodman, Jessica 6th-8th Social Studies/7th Math 704-636-3002
Amy Goodnight Goodnight, Amy Admissions Director 704-636-3002
Margaret Hattaway Hattaway, Margaret 8th Grade Math / MS Computer 704-636-3002
Sandy Jordan Jordan, Sandy Junior Kindergarten Teacher 704-636-3002
Jan Ketner Ketner, Jan Kindergarten Teacher 704-636-3002
Hannah Lewis Lewis, Hannah JK- 8th Spanish Teacher
Katie Martin Martin, Katie 2nd Grade Assistant 704-636-3002
Lee McCall McCall, Lee 4th Grade Teacher 704-636-3002
Shannon McCoy McCoy, Shannon Business Manager 704-636-3002
Penny Moss Moss, Penny Junior Kindergarten Assistant Teacher 704-636-3002
Tracey Peoples Peoples, Tracey Administrative Assistant 704-636-3002
Dr. Rob Robertson Robertson, Dr. Rob JK - 8th Music Teacher 704-636-3002
Jody Robins Robins, Jody 1st Grade Teacher 704-636-3002
Lizzy Roy Roy, Lizzy Director of Marketing and Communications
Alexandra Shadroui Shadroui, Alexandra Middle School Science 704-636-3002
Melanie Stegall Stegall, Melanie
Mary Lou Williams Williams, Mary Lou 2nd Grade Teacher 704-636-3002
Tommy Wilson Wilson, Tommy P.E. Teacher/Athletic Director 704-636-3002