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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Faculty/Staff Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Elizabeth Anderson Anderson, Elizabeth LS Division Director
Tracey Baird Baird, Tracey Development
Elizabeth Bergsma Bergsma, Elizabeth Ask Director
Melissa Brown Brown, Melissa Reading Specialist 704-636-3002
Heather Coulter Coulter, Heather 7th & 8th Lang. Arts, Core Knowledge Curriculum Coordinator 704-636-3002
Jane Current Current, Jane 5th Grade Teacher
Lisa Davenport Davenport, Lisa Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Melanie Deal Deal, Melanie Guidance, 3rd Asst.
Allison Doby Doby, Allison
Beverly Fowler Fowler, Beverly Head of School 704-636-3002
Lynn Frick Frick, Lynn 1st Grade Assistant
Jessica Goodman Goodman, Jessica MS Division Director 704-636-3002
Amy Goodnight Goodnight, Amy Admissions Director 704-636-3002
Sabrina Harper Harper, Sabrina Kindergarten Teacher
Margaret Hattaway Hattaway, Margaret 7th and 8th Math, IT 704-636-3002
Karen Isenhour Isenhour, Karen Media Specialist
Sandy Jordan Jordan, Sandy Junior Kindergarten Teacher 704-636-3002
Melody Lee Lee, Melody Co-Curricular Director
Hannah Lewis Lewis, Hannah JK- 8th Spanish Teacher
Katie Martin Martin, Katie 2nd Grade Assistant 704-636-3002
Lee McCall McCall, Lee 4th Grade Teacher 704-636-3002
Shannon McCoy McCoy, Shannon Business Manager 704-636-3002
Penny Moss Moss, Penny Junior Kindergarten Assistant Teacher 704-636-3002
Shea Overcash Overcash, Shea Middle School Science
Tracey Peoples Peoples, Tracey Administrative Assistant 704-636-3002
Dr. Rob Robertson Robertson, Dr. Rob JK - 8th Music Teacher 704-636-3002
Jody Robins Robins, Jody 1st Grade Teacher 704-636-3002
Kristen Rocko Rocko, Kristen
Lizzy Roy Roy, Lizzy Director of Marketing and Communications
Molly Shelton Shelton, Molly 1st - 8th Art Teacher
Kelli Starrett Starrett, Kelli Math, Computers
Mary Lou Williams Williams, Mary Lou 2nd Grade Teacher 704-636-3002
Tommy Wilson Wilson, Tommy P.E. Teacher/Athletic Director 704-636-3002