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Engaging Minds. Building Futures. 

Project Green Space

In the spring of 2015, Salisbury Academy launched Project Green Space, an initiative to enhance the school’s outdoor learning environment while developing conservation-minded students and an energy-efficient and low-waste school facility. 

Since launching Project Green Space, Salisbury Academy has:

  • earned recognition as an NC Green School of Excellence, making it one of just 9 NC Green Schools of Excellence in the state.

  • formed close ties with Three Rivers Land Trust, Catawba College Center for the Environment and other local farms and organizations invested in sustainability, including Muddy Sneakers, The Rowan Redbuds Society, Bread Riot, Happy Roots, and the Rowan Soil and Water Conservation District. 

  • increased students' environmental literacy through a wide variety of inquiry-based, hands-on science explorations.

  • rolled out an LED lighting conversion to significantly reduce the school's carbon footprint.


SA's Outdoor Learning and Play Space

The need for student engagement with the natural world has never been greater. With an understanding that outdoor play fosters many critical learning skills including reasoning, focus, self-control, and persistence - all while enhancing students' academic, physical, and psychological health - Salisbury Academy broke ground in 2017 on a dynamic Outdoor Learning and Play Space. Features of the space include walking trails, a dry creek bed, an amphitheater, discovery gardens, play areas, and a wealth of native trees, plants, and grasses. 

Salisbury Academy's Outdoor Learning and Play Space is a landscape that connects children with nature, encourages them to take risks, and inspires students to investigate, explore, analyze, and create. This space is utilized by both Salisbury Academy and the community at large, whether through nature-based workshops, family days, or even as a field trip site for other schools.

Environmental Curriculum

Salisbury Academy incorporates environmental education into our science curriculum across all grade levels. With the new integration of the North American Association for Environmental Education Standards and the North Carolina Environmental Literacy Plan, students are able to connect environmental concepts with outdoor learning experiences. These inquiry-based opportunities help grow scientific process skills, provide understanding of current environmental issues, and offer service learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. 

A healthy lifestyle through increased movement, garden-based nutrition and outdoor play is promoted through Salisbury Academy's wellness culture. Outdoor play is encouraged in all grades JK-8 and healthy eating is encouraged school-wide. The establishment of the school's edible garden allows students to study the importance of eating locally grown products, free of pesticides. 


Pave the Way to Outdoor Learning and Play: Brick Campaign

Make your mark on Salisbury Academy's Outdoor Learning Space! A limited number of 4" x 8" brick pavers are available to be named and beautifully integrated into Salisbury Academy's Outdoor Learning Space. Share your passion for this exciting project by having your name on a brick, or name a piece in  honor of someone special to you - a favorite teacher, recent grad, or in memoriam. Bricks are priced at $250 each.

Contact SA's Development Office to learn more

Purchase bricks




Salisbury Academy's Outdoor Learning and Play Space serves as a resource for the entire community and inspires students to investigate, explore, analyze, and create.

Contact Salisbury Academy's development office to learn more about naming opportunities.

Thanks to a partnership with Muddy Sneakers, Salisbury Academy campers enjoy a summer of outdoor exploration. Read more about our unique partnership and Muddy Sneakers Outdoor Expedition Days.

Salisbury Academy has been named an NC Green School of Excellence. This honor is the highest level of green school recognition in the state and makes Salisbury Academy one of just nine NC Green Schools of Excellence in North Carolina.

After achieving the status as an NC Green School of Promise in the 2015-2016 school year, Salisbury Academy continues to push onward in efforts to create a sustainable school and develop environmental stewards. Salisbury Academy earned the rank of a NC Green School of Excellence in June of 2017. Read more

SA's Student-Led Green Initiatives

Our student-led initiatives make a measurable impact on both the school community and the community at large. Successful green initiatives at SA have included the establishment of a Bluebird Trail and a school garden, rainwater collection and trash/compost sorting systems, a battery disposal program, and other conservation efforts. 

Salisbury Academy students served as the pilot group for the Three Rivers Land Trust's Leopold Society program. 


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